Connecting Us To The Land And Each Other

Through the power of farm and food-based engagement, we seek to help build an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable community that is inclusive of all its citizens.
The Three Sisters Garden Project is a collaborative effort that brings together a wide range of community groups to nurture sustainable local food systems that connect us to the land and to each other.

What we're doing:

  • Establishing a community farm that will provide educational programs and increase the supply of local food.
  • Helping make local food accessible to all through North Shore partnerships.
  • Training new farmers and food system advocates.
  • Supporting a comprehensive farm to school program.

Notes from the farm ...

The latest blog posts from our Farm Manager
  • Spring in the greenhouseOur new greenhouse is full of trays of seedlings, getting ready to be moved out for hardening-off and then planted in the field!
  • Trip to the UKFarmer Liz here - I'm in Scotland visiting family, before the spring gets going at home. They have an outdoor year-round farmers' market here in Edinburgh, which is beautiful!
  • Building the new greenhouseWe have been busy putting up our new greenhouse! The frame was delivered before Thanksgiving, and we have the frame completely up - this week we're doing the endwalls and hoping to get the plastic on too. Come by anytime to check out our progress - it's right next to the new barn in the Cuvilly parking lot, you can't miss it.