Farm Staff

Amy Hulbert, Farm Manager

In 2012, Amy attended the Nutritional Therapy Association with an interest in healing the body through food.  “I was forced to shop locally to find the freshest,  nutrient dense foods for my family and my clients and I saw the local food movement as a critical part to our overall health;  I had to get involved.” Amy’s passion for growing organic vegetables started immediately after her first day of farming at Applestreet Farm in Essex, Ma.

This is Amy’s fifth season of organic vegetable farming. She has been with Three Sisters since breaking ground in 2015. She loves the challenges and rewards of organic farming and looks forward to continuing to provide the community with the healthiest foods.

Emily Winskovicz, Assistant Grower

Emily is a north shore native. She attended Keene State College, where she majored in Psychology and Minored in Art. While at school, she began learning about the extreme systematic flaws in the food system, both in the United States, and abroad. Learning about these injustices, strengthened her passion for both eating and growing food, as well as her desire to conserve the environment around her.

Upon graduating, she was determined to find a job in sustainable, organic agriculture. She feels that playing a small role in providing fresh, safe, clean, delicious food to her local community is one of the most moral things she can do. She spent 2014 working at Mayfair Farm in Harrisville, New Hampshire, where she fell in love with farming.

This is Emily’s third season at Three Sisters.

Ashley Deschenes, Assistant Grower

Ashley is from Essex and found her passion for growing food through her garden she started as a child. She attended Green Mountain College and majored in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Production and Environmental Studies.

Ashley enjoys the impact a localized food system can have on hunger relief efforts. Along with farming and gardening, in her spare time she enjoys skiing and hiking. This is her second season at Three Sisters.

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