Spring 2019 Education Challenge Campaign – We Need You!

We are thrilled to launch a transformative new Education Program for the 2019 Season. With your help, we will double the number of educational offerings this year and take TSGP’s mission to educating and engaging both youth and adults in our local food system to the next level.

We need to raise $15,000 by June 30 in order to provide free and subsidized programs for the summer and fall seasons to make our programs accessible to all. To help us reach our goal, an anonymous foundation has pledge to match the first $5,000 in donations. Will you help us?

With your support, we will:

  • Broaden and expand SKIL (Simply Keep It Local), a summer program on the farm run in partnership with Cuvilly Earth and Arts Center for elementary aged school children that engages them in hands on education about food, farming, and hunger relief programs;
  • Provide plants and hands-on instruction through the whole growing season to the award-winning Generation Growers program which engages Ipswich youth and seniors in sustainable food production;
  • Offer hands on food and farming programs during the school year for preschoolers in cooperation with the Cuvilly Earth and Arts Center;
  • Invite volunteers and groups from around the region to actively participate in growing healthy food and making it available to local hunger relief programs.

What are we already up to?

  • Training the next generation of farmers and land stewards, right here at Three Sisters.
  • Growing fresh, healthy, local food for north shore families, using sustainable farming methods at our fields at Sisters of Notre Dame. 
  • Donating more than $15,000 every year of fresh, local produce right from our own fields at Three Sisters to a variety of local food access partners for use in their mobile markets, cooked meals, food pantry pickups, and more – serving Ipswich, Hamilton, Wenham, Essex, Gloucester, Manchester, Newburyport, Salisbury, Amesbury, and beyond!

Please donate today! The first $5,000 raised by June 30 will be matched dollar for dollar!

On behalf of the entire Three Sisters team, Thank You!