About Us

“Having been involved in the food & farm-based engagement movement for 15 years, I am convinced it is the most powerful tool for social change required to address the major issues facing our society today. Everybody eats and can readily connect to food and farms regardless of their age and socio-economic background. I honestly think there is something innate in every person that allows us to relate to food and farming which makes it so compelling.”
~ Wayne Castonguay
Chair, TSGP

According to Native American legend, corn, beans and squash are the three inseparable sisters who grow and thrive together. The Three Sisters Garden Project (TSGP) will nurture sustainable local food systems that connect us to the land and to each other. TSGP is a collaborative effort that brings together voices and efforts from a wide range of community groups and organizations.


We seek to help build an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable community that is inclusive of all its citizens.


We will create and grow an agricultural program that integrates sustainable farmland stewardship, food-based community engagement and education.


• Provide and facilitate educational programs
• Build and strengthen a healthy community
• Practice and promote sustainability

Replicable Model

Building on components readily available in most communities, this program is designed specifically to be replicable by other communities. The success of this endeavor can reach beyond Ipswich and demonstrate how other communities can build a sustainable food system and community.

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