Lots of recipes this week for grilled veggies! It’s way to hot to cook inside…

CSA week 3: July 4th slaw recipes

For your napa & arrowhead cabbages coming in the share this week, here are few great slaw recipes we love. From Smitten Kitchen, a cabbage & lime salad that calls for spinach but you could use this week’s kale or chard instead. And her “Dead Simple Slaw”, more of a traditional (and easy!) way.

(Cover photo: an earlier view of our greens field where the cabbages have been growing.)

hummus from SWISS CHARD stems? indeed.

Found & shared by CSA member Kellie, this is a great recipe idea if you’re looking for a home for those beautiful stems on your swiss chard – seen in last week’s share and coming again next week! Might work with kale stems, too.

CSA week 2: napa cabbage & hakurei turnip

From one of my favorite veggie-friendly food blogs, Smitten Kitchen, here’s a great recipe for a salad with napa cabbage. You can include the sweet white turnips (hakurei turnip) from this week’s share in the salad too, plus any of your other greens.

CSA week 1: Scallion recipe

Mark Bittman’s Shrimp In Green Sauce: This is a recipe from our fabulous greenhouse volunteer Paula, in case you are hunting for something to do with your scallions in this week’s share.