Cultivation station

Our cultivating tractor, the Super A, saw some action this week, cleaning up the weeds in our onion field. The onions and leeks are looking beautiful after some rain last weekend (with more to come tonight & tomorrow, hooray!) and relatively weed-free…

killdeer nest in the field

We found this right in the middle of the onions this week – I was cultivating the row with our smaller tractor and somehow missed the nest! All the eggs are intact…

irrigation station

We have a well on the farm, finally! After an incredible winter, with snow lingering on the fields well into April, we got pretty hot and dry almost immediately – temperatures in the 80s by the first week of April …

Raised beds take shape

Our mini pick-your-own area took shape last week & this week: 5 raised beds built out of reclaimed/recycled wood by one of our amazing volunteers.


We have had an incredible burst of volunteer labor over the past few weeks, with folks coming up to the fields to help with planting, watering, and removing rocks. A lot of work on some hot and dry days! Thanks to everybody who has come out to help.

Tractors, part 1: SMALL!

Weeds are one of the biggest challenges for an organic farmer, and a light-duty tractor that helps manage weeds and keeps crop yields high is essential. These tractors went out of style in the 1960s and later. Ours is a Farmall Super A, with a gas engine. We are thrilled it’s here: bring on the weeds.

Three Sisters in the Ipswich Chronicle

From the article: “The Three Sisters Garden Project, at the Cuvilly Arts and Earth Center on Jeffreys Neck Road, will belong to the citizens of Ipswich via community supported agriculture shares, supplying local food pantries with fresh produce and educating the community about sustainable agriculture …”