Cultivation station

Our cultivating tractor, the Super A, saw some action this week, cleaning up the weeds in our onion field. The onions and leeks are looking beautiful after some rain last weekend (with more to come tonight & tomorrow, hooray!) and relatively weed-free. (For more on why we care so much about tractor cultivation and the particular tractor we have, see this blog post from earlier this spring.)

This season we’re growing scallions, leeks, white & yellow onions for fresh eating, an heirloom red torpedo onion (“red long of tropea” – originally grown in Italy & France, spicy and delicious), cipollini onions, and red & yellow storage onions – meaning they’re grown for drying and giving out in the fall & winter. Onions & leeks are some of our favorite crops at Three Sisters, because they can be used in so many types of food and they are beautiful in the field.

leeks: IMG_3953

yellow fresh onions: IMG_3955

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