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Who we are: We are an incredible group of farmers and volunteers who build, plant, harvest, fix & maintain equipment, paint, wire, code, design, sew, and construct all around Three Sisters.

Our values:  We seek to grow high-quality, healthy, and beautiful produce for a diverse community. We use all organic growing practices because we care for the farm’s soil, air, and water and all the life depending on it – birds, bees, worms, and even soil microbes.  We value our CSA members – we welcome your ideas and appreciate your input. We work to make local food accessible to more kinds of people, from chefs to kids to food pantries. We  also seek to create a meaningful & satisfying workplace to train new farmers.

What is CSA? What is a farm share?  Community Supported Agriculture is a farming model based on a direct relationship between consumer and farmer. You buy a farm share which is a season’s worth of veggies-investing in the farm in the winter/spring, and we grow food for you distributing it in the summer and fall.  This investment helps the farmers buy seeds, planting soil and to heat our greenhouse to start the farming season.  Our CSA season is from mid June to mid October. Usually 18-20 weeks.  CSA is both and investment and a risk for the farmer and the families we feed.  Together, we are sharing the risks of crop failure and the rewards of a bountiful harvest.

How does it work at Three Sisters?  We offer a weekly pickup in the red barn at the farm.  Choose to pick up either Tuesday or Thursday, 4-7pm, where a friendly staff person guides you through the process of choosing your veggies. We aim to give out a wide variety of produce each week, changing throughout the season.

What types of vegetables can I find in my share? You’ll find a lot of standard veggies like carrots, peas, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, leeks & onions, broccoli, summer squash & zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, cooking greens and salad greens, radishes, melons, winter squash, cabbage, beets & turnips, and herbs and flowers. We’ll occasionally experiment with an interesting variety once in a while, but our goal is to get you the delicious basics so you can cook real meals at home without alot of panic!  Some veggies will need refrigeration and some won’t; some need to be eaten right away while others will keep longer in your fridge or cupboard. This is a mid-size share – we’re aiming to give you a great variety but not overwhelm you with too much food.  We will send you a newsletter each week with delicious recipes for you to follow!

2020 CSA Information

This year Three Sisters CSA will offer 2 share sizes! A regular CSA share feeds a veggie loving family of 3-4 people. Our new single-sized share will feed 1-2 veggie lovers.  The season runs 18-20 weeks from early June – mid October.

Regular Share: $600   Single Share $450

Will I receive fruit in my CSA?  Three Sisters offers a separate fruit share at an additional cost.  The fruit share is usually 10 weeks long.  We source our fruit from reputable fruit growers who grow the best quality using similar practices as we use here at Three Sisters.  You will see fruit often found in a typical fruit share like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apples and pears.  Fruit seasons run shorter than vegetable seasons so each week may be different, and there may be more of one type and less of another depending on the growing season. Details and sign ups in June.

Is CSA right for you?  CSA is a great way for you to know exactly how your food has been grown, harvested and handled.  CSA is also the best way that you can contribute to the local food movement.  If you are someone who shops for the same vegetables each week from June through October, then a CSA may not be right for you.  We grow seasonally, which means crops will change with the temperatures throughout the summer.   Early on in the CSA you will see lots of greens.  In the hottest part of the summer  (July and August) you will see more of the summer crops like eggplant, cucumbers and tomatoes.

We offer a fall/winter CSA in November & December as well, separate from the main season.  Sign ups usually take place in September.

Contact us at: info@threesistersgarden.org

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