CSA week 5: fresh onions & Picadilly Farm

(Cover photo: onions in the field.)

This week in the share you’ll see fresh onions – a purple onion with fresh greens still attached, like scallions. Both the onion bulb AND the green tops are great to eat, raw or cooked. This particular variety is an heirloom called Red Long of Tropea, which you can read about here. And here’s a recipe that gives some of the history of the onion, plus an adventurous way to eat them.

And a note about carrots: by early spring it became pretty clear to me that with all the challenges of a first-year farm, growing our own carrots would be too much. Carrots thrive when planted into a nice smooth seed bed (the seeds are tiny, like a pencil point or even smaller) and between the high volume of rocks and the heavy sod still breaking down and becoming incorporated into the soil, we decided to source our carrots elsewhere, supporting another farm instead.

So our carrots this summer are coming from farmers Jenny & Bruce Wooster of Picadilly Farm in New Hampshire, a certified organic farm established in 2006. (Some of you who have been around Ipswich a while will know them as the farmers that started the CSA program at Appleton, in the early 2000s!). Check out their website to learn more about them and their farm. We’re thrilled to be supporting a business we believe in while solving our (temporary) carrot challenges!

Removing rocks from the fields in April & May:


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