Building the new greenhouse

We have been busy putting up our new greenhouse! The frame was delivered before Thanksgiving, and we have the frame completely up – this week we’re doing the endwalls and hoping to get the plastic on too. Come by anytime to check out our progress – it’s right next to the new barn in the Cuvilly parking lot, you can’t miss it.

We pounded in 32 groundposts, 2 and a half feet deep into the soil to anchor the frame, then assembled the bows, crossties and purlins – the frame is up! Some incredible volunteers with serious carpentry skills have been helping the whole way, including leveling and plumbing the groundposts so the frame went up straight and level.

Volunteer Bill helping attach upper pieces:


Baseboards are finished! And our new water hookup that will be right inside the greenhouse:IMG_0917

Pounding in the first post!


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